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A lot of electronic crimes happen due to the ability to penetrate security systems or breaking passwords. We have seen a lot of hacking crime stories, even it became a rich material for film producers as in the movie HACKERS. It is a true based story that has cast a spotlight on the crimes specialized in stealing money or transferring it.


Hence the importance of intensive attention of awareness-raising in choosing passwords to prevent hacks, especially with the huge number of websites and users’ accounts. Some internet users use the same pattern or even literally the same password for their different accounts, which makes them easier to be hacked.


So, some big companies started working on developing security systems. Hence using something called password manager system.


Experts advise people to use dashlane system as it has a lot of benefits such as compatibility with many websites. In addition to choosing complicated passwords that include symbols, numbers and caps. They also advise staying away from easy and common words such as names, places and phone numbers.

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