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Voice Data Security

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Protecting your critical IT assets


Business essentials such as computer networks, web applications, email, social media, and mobile solutions can pose risks and affect productivity if they’re not managed properly. Voice Data Security will work with your existing IT team to implement solutions that will keep your company’s precious IT assets safe. We will protect your critical assets through unparalleled cyber security solutions and services.

We are passionate about bringing enterprise-level productivity, scalability, and security to small and medium businesses

Our Services

Voice Data Cyber Security
Effective Cyber Security cannot be provided by placing products and solutions one after the other. Voice Data Security's Cyber Security solutions provide a seamless, and comprehensive protection for your business without affecting productivity or exhausting your resources. Our Approach to your Cyber Security: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning We start by performing a thorough analysis...
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Voice Data Security Computer Networking
Is your Computer Network working for you? A business computer network is the most critical component for having a productive, healthy, and secure infrastructure. A well designed and managed network will reduce or eliminate downtime, enhance employee productivity, and increase overall profitability. Today's computer networks are no longer confined to a few servers and computers...
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Voice Data Security Backup and Data Recovery
AVOIDING RISK AND LOSS In today's digital business environment, data is critical to your success.  As the agent of Digital Transformation, your business data is forever expanding and growing beyond the traditional boundaries of your network and into the Internet, social media, the cloud, the virtual work-space, and your global locations. In today's digital business...
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Voice Data Security Managed Hosting
Your applications are as resilient and responsive as the underlying infrastructure they run on. Voice Data Security's Managed Hosting solutions will have your applications running at our state-of-the-art data centers with full redundancy, 24 hour monitoring, instant response and fast resolution level of service. Contact now Our Managed Hosting includes Infrastructure maintenance. Operating system maintenance...
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Voice Data Security Systems and Storage
Systems and Storage - Virtualization Can Your Infrastructure Keep Up with Your Growth? With Voice Data Security's Hybrid IT solution your infrastructure will be elastic enough to grow as fast as your business, and strong enough to keep all your key applications and data fully utilized. Storage management services: Today's ever expanding software capabilities and data...
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Voice Data Security cloud
We provide services for AWS and Azure Migrate to Cloud or extend your existing environment. We are an AWS Certified partner. We are a Microsoft partner providing Azure Solutions. Use the cloud for elastic demand, quick deployment of new infrastructures, or for proof of concept. Our Hybrid solutions allow the flexibility for Cloud, On-premises, or...
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