Computer Networking

Is your Computer Network working for you?

A business computer network is the most critical component for having a productive, healthy, and secure infrastructure. A well designed and managed network will reduce or eliminate downtime, enhance employee productivity, and increase overall profitability.

Today’s computer networks are no longer confined to a few servers and computers connected together.  Productivity requires that your computer network should open its boundaries to the Internet, multi global locations, the cloud, and social media, while maintaining it’s speed, reliability, and security.

As a Cisco Premier Partner and with over 25 years of experience in computer networking solutions, Voice Data Security will provide you with a comprehensive network design and management solution to fit your specific requirements and meet today’s productivity needs.

Computer Networking Services

Managed Network Solutions

IT departments should focus on growth and productivity plans rather than having to putout fires everyday. With monitoring, timely updates, and replacement of defective components, our customized managed network solutions are designed to fit your particular business needs and keep your network productive 24/7,  while your IT team focuses on implementing your companies vision and growth plans.

Evaluation and Analysis

A productive computer network design starts with a thorough analysis and evaluation of the business needs, environment, software and hardware, and security risks.  With hundreds of active network installations our Voice Data Security team is experienced in network evaluation and assessment.

Wireless Network Assessment and Design

Wireless networks are continuously crowding the business environment and work-space. Accurate assessment of wireless signal strength,  coverage, interference, security risks, and load balancing is the first step to ensure business computers and devices are securely connected all the time. Voice Data Security specialized Wireless Networking experts will provide you with a peace of mind wireless network solution.

Training & Support

Users are an essential part of your day to day network operation.  Our tech training experts will make sure that your users, and your IT staff have the necessary training and support to maintain a high level of productivity.

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