Cyber Security

Effective Cyber Security cannot be provided by placing products and solutions one after the other.

Voice Data Security’s Cyber Security solutions provide a seamless, and comprehensive protection for your business without affecting productivity or exhausting your resources.

Our Approach to your Cyber Security

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

We start by performing a thorough analysis of your network risk factors. Our highly rated penetration testing and vulnerability scanning options will leave no stone unturned and will provide you with an excellent assessment for your cyber security needs.

Design and Deployment

When it comes to Cyber Security solutions there is no “one size fits all”. Every business is unique and has it’s own security risks and necessary solutions. As a Cisco Premier Partner and with our wide range of other partners our expert Cyber Security team will pick and choose, integrate, and deploy the best combination of solutions to best fit your network, ensure security, and maintain productivity.


User training is an essential factor in ensuring an effective and tight Cyber Security solution. Our training techs will provide a step by step, in-person, comprehensive training to users on your network, or to your IT department staff.


The world of Cyber Security is constantly changing. New threats and vulnerabilities are a daily fact. With Voice Data Security monitoring solutions and processes, you can have the peace of mind that we are constantly on the watch for any new vulnerabilities or threats to your network and taking the proper measures to eliminate those risks.

Our Security analysis services will ensure full compliance for your business.
Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Scanning
Voice Data Security-Highly rated Cisco Premier Partner

Why Voice Data Security?

  • Over 20 years experience in Cyber Security
  • Highly rated Cisco Premier Partner
  • Everything you need for your network
  • All services provided in house
  • Excellent customer support

Cyber Security Products and Solutions

Vulnerability Scanning

Penetration Testing

Incident Response

Managed Compliance solutions for HIPPA and PCI

Next Generation Firewalls



Secure Web Gateway

Content Filtering

Email Security

SEIM Deployment and Management

Patch Management